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Kestner Automotive Lexington Auto Repair

Kestner Automotive Lexington Auto Repair

Certified Auto Repair Shop and Auto Repair Services - Precision Mechanic | Kestner Automotive at 764 West Main Street in Lexington, SC 29072.

Top articles

  • What Does Regular Engine Service Include?

    15 septembre 2016 ( #Engine Repair )

    No matter how new or how old your car is, you should always take care of preventative maintenance to help prevent major engine repair. Regular maintenance can greatly extend the life of your vehicle. The problem is many people put off engine service time...

  • Expert Vehicle Maintenance: What Will It Do For My Car?

    27 septembre 2016 ( #Vehicle Maintenance )

    The vehicle you drive is a marvel of engineering. From the radial tires to the roof and bumpers, your car exemplifies the latest concepts in gasoline propulsion, air conditioning, and electrical engineering. As cars have become more complex for the average...

  • Tire Repair Needed? How to Handle a Flat!

    15 octobre 2016 ( #Tire Repairs Lexington SC )

    As we all know, tires are pretty important to any vehicle. They often play a bigger roll than one would think. Having too little air in your tires, for example, can result in lower miles per gallon and could cause strain and stress on your tires wearing...

  • Oil Change Tips for Winter!

    15 novembre 2016 ( #Oil Changes )

    Oil changes for your vehicle are one of the most basic routine services you can perform to help it run smooth all year long. During cold winter weather, oil changes become even more critical because your vehicle’s moving parts have to work harder in extreme...

  • Maintenance Tips From An Auto Shop to Survive Winter!

    01 décembre 2016 ( #Auto Center )

    Preparing your vehicle for the frigid months that lay ahead during those winter months is nonnegotiable. Driving a car that has not been properly maintained for the winter weather is quite simply a bad idea. Be sure to visit your auto shop for an inspection...

  • What To Do About a Loud Muffler!

    13 décembre 2016 ( #Muffler )

    This is my story...The muffler of my car started making loud sounds a week ago. I know I should have gotten it fixed, but it had been a busy week. Now, it is Friday night and I’m headed to meet my date. I pull up to the restaurant and see that he is already...

  • Receive The Best Automotive Repair Possible: 2 Easy Tips!

    22 août 2016 ( #Automotive Repair )

    Are you afraid to take your vehicle to an auto shop because you end up spending money on things that really didn’t need fixing? Is the automotive repair on your vehicle performed on a trial-and-error basis, hoping that the problem will go away? Is there...